Pine Fire Shop wants to offer you the ability to get exactly what you want. In that regard, we are overjoyed to introduce the Pine Fire Shop "BUILD A KIT". This fully customizable option allows you to piece together your perfect fire kit from scratch. Simple follow the steps listed below.
  1. Taking a minute to go through our site, put together a full listing of the fire starters(and how many) you wish to include in your kit. All items that are currently featured on the side are available for purchase. Please note that holiday options are limited and therefore their availability may vary.
  2. Decide on your preferred "Carry Option"... Tin or Bag
  3. Send us an email (pinefireshop@gmail.com) stating the information from above.
  4. We will put it all together especially to ensure proper fit if you are ordering a tin.
  5. Once created, we will send you an invoice directly that outlines the purchase.
  6. If everything looks in order, make payment via PayPal.
  7. As soon as we receive payment confirmation, we will ship out your brand new "FIRE KIT".
Please feel free to contact us at pinefireshop@gmail.com with any questions that you may have.